1. All prices are subjected to change without prior notice.
  2.  We reserve the right to correct typographical and printing errors
  3.  We reserve the right to correct prices or calculation errors.
  4.  We reserve the right not to proceed with any order where we feel that it will put us, the recipient, or any other party in a vulnerable position either financially or for any other justifiable reason. We will contact every customer placing an order to notify them of the cancellation providing a viable contact Email address has been given. We may not be prepared to incur extra expense, other than to use Email to cancel such an order.

We trust that for the majority of orders it will not be necessary to even consider cancellation but this will be done should the need arise.



All orders are electronically processed and forwarded to the warehouse immediately after the order is confirmed therefore, the window of opportunity to cancel an order is limited.

New customers please contact a sales account manager for proper set up prior to any transmission. You may e-mail your customer service representative directly or to sales@sapcorp.net

An order confirmation report stating the expected ship dates of the ordered items will be provided when the order is received. The goal is to fill and ship those available items within 72 hours. Backorders are shipped to customers once per week or combined with the next order if this is preferred.

New orders are filled and shipped within a ten (10) day period for those items that are available in the warehouse with customer approval. Exceptions may apply.

Every effort will be made to honor special requests for same day shipments. For same day shipments, orders must be received by 12:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Minimum order value is $500. Orders under $500 will not be accepted.



  1. Credit Application must be approved with 3 qualifying trade references reporting back.
  2. Invoices in arrears are subject to a 1.75% monthly finance charge. SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts reserve the right to discontinue future deliveries as long as payment is in arrears. Please click to download your credit application form.
  3. SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts, Inc. is entitled to claim settlement of outstanding amounts if the purchaser does not meet the payment obligation. SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts reserve the right to make deliveries contingent upon prepayments if deemed necessary. If collection action becomes necessary, the customer shall bear all costs related to collecting the debt including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, court costs, collection fees, and administrative fees.



 All order are considered EXWORKS Miami, Florida 33166 (our warehouse), unless otherwise stated.

  • Freight Prepaid for all order over $3,500 USD (for eastern United States Only)
  • For customers who require the freight forwarder to schedule a delivery time, any fees associated with this service will be added to the invoice.
  • For all shipments of goods made to customer locations outside of the USA, the customer is considered to be the importer of record and is responsible in these cases (1) to ensure the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations, (2) to file a completed duty entry and associated documents, and (3) to pay the assessed import duties and other taxes on those goods.



Return Material Authorization (RMA) form must be obtained prior to goods being returned to SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts. RMA forms can be obtained via a customer service representative or sales account manager. RMA forms must be submitted to SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts detailing the return and approval must be granted prior to the return. Unauthorized returns will be destroyed upon receipt and no credit will be issued.

Product must be returned freight prepaid to SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts.

  • Returns must be sent to the warehouse designated on the RMA; otherwise, logistics fees may apply.
  • Returned goods will be subject to a 20% handling charge.
  • Product must be in saleable condition; active part numbers, free from dents, scratches, rust and pricing/part number stickers.
  • Returns must be received by SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts within 30 days of written approval.

Overage, Shortage and Damage Claims:

  • All freight damage and skid count discrepancy must be noted on Bill of Lading at time of delivery.
  • All discrepancies must be submitted to customer service in writing. The claim can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the
  • Address provided above
  • Claims must be reported within 10 days of receipt of the shipment.
  • Credit will be issued after the discrepancy is verified.

Obsolete & Superseded Products

  • SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts will continue to provide information regarding obsolete and superseded product in a timely manner.



 In order to allow the SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts Corporation to achieve efficiencies in the distribution of its products internationally and enhance its ability to compete against other  manufacturers’ products, the customer agrees not to directly or indirectly distribute or sell the ordered items or conduct any marketing activity with respect to the ordered items inside of the  United States, Canada and Mexico without written consent of SAP USA Truck and Auto Parts.