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Style 5: Tapered & Threaded

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Sap # Application Euclid # Moog
Chev. Ford Models 57-74 KN/IHC Meritor E4434B, E4434N 8386B KIT123, KIT141, KIT144, KIT186, R20014, R200186 More Info
Kodiak T7500/T8500. Model 97-2000 Hydraulic Brake Kodiak / Diesel 90 GMC Truck F6B, F7B 97-98, P6S 92-96, B7T 93-98/ Shaft 11000 (FL2) 9000 (FM6) 12000 LBS Shaft FS-7, F-43 E10105B 8660B R200283 More Info
Chevrolet Kodiak Diesel Model 91-2001/ Shaft 12000 (FS7) 14000 (FHO) 14500 (FL2/3) 14600(FSD) E10106B 8661B More Info

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