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Power Steering Pumps

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Buffalo # Application Rotation Inlet Outlet OEM
Nissan Frontier w/Tube & Pinion RIGHT O16 MM M16 x 1.5-6H 49110-VW600 More Info
Mitsubishi Canter 4D33/34 LEFT O18 MM M12 x 1.25 MC093701 More Info
Foton and JAC Trucks Left Φ17.5 M20 x 1.5 21419252 More Info
Hino H07C RIGHT M22 X 1.5 M16 x 1.5 44310-1880/44310-1930 More Info
Hino H07C Bus RIGHT M22 x 1.5 M16 x 1.5 44310-1990/44310-1791 More Info
Isuzu NKR 4JB1 RIGHT O16 MM M16 x 1.5 8 -970- 81999-0 More Info
Isuzu DMax 4JJ1 3.0Lts RIGHT O12.5MM M16 x 1.5 8- 979-46694 -0 More Info
Isuzu NPR Model 2000 4HF1 LEFT O17. 5MM M12 x 1.25 891115134 More Info
Nissan 180 FE6 Right Φ12 MM G3/8-19 NISSAN 14570-Z5660, 475-04250, 475-04345 More Info
Toyota Super Delta / Daihatsu 14B RIGHT O22 MM M16 x 1.5 44320 87304 More Info
Nissan FD42 RIGHT O15 MM M16 x 1.5-6H 49110-FD42 More Info
Hino Buseton LEFT O16 MM M16 x 1.5 44310-E0102 More Info
NISSAN 200 Right Φ14 MM M20 x 1.5 NISSAN 14670-Z5501 More Info
Hino 500 FC Motor J05E-TC LEFT O15 MM M16 x 1.5-6H 44310-2242 More Info
Hino E0120/J08E Right Φ18 MM M16 x 1.5-6H More Info
Isuzu FSR 6HK1 LEFT O17 MM M16 x 1.5 1195005481/470-04156 More Info
Isuzu DMAX 2,5L 4JA1 RIGHT O 16.7 MM M12 x1.25-6g 8 971 84738-0 More Info
Jeep, Dodge 100/300, Ford & Universal Applications RIGHT O11 MM M16 x 1.5 26134102 More Info
Vickers RIGHT 1 NPT 3/4-16UNF More Info
Kit for Pump BFV10F1P7P38D5 More Info

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