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Sap # Application Euclid # Moog
Dodge CNT900 Model 54-88 IHC, Chevrolet Ford 800/900 Model 57-88 Meritor E4441B 8519B KIT138, KIT142, KIT154, R200142, T138 More Info
Dodge 100/300 Model 48-73 E4438B 8507B KIT143, R200143, R200155 More Info
Isuzu NHR 1.5, Dodge Truck CN800, CNT800,74-75 Ford 950 E4442B 8515B, 8514B KIT172, R200172, R200167, R200190 More Info
Ford 800/900, F1100 Model 62-75 Roller, F950 Model 75-80 11000, 12000 LBS FE-970 E4449B 8519BN, 8514B KIT157, KIT188, R200157, R200188 More Info
Dodge CNT 900/910 Ford Injector 9000 KW, IHC Model 73, IHC FF 921 Shaft 12000 LBS International, Freightliner, Kenworth, Brigadier Cars F-9000 E4450B 8553B KIT193, KIT199, R200193, R200199 More Info
Ford 600/800 75/88, F7000 Model 75-84 Dodge 600, Model 75-88 Shaft 7000, 8000, 9000 LBS E4452B 8568B R200044 More Info
Superbrigadier, Freightliner, KW, Ford 9000 Model 91-98, IHC Model 75 Shaft 16000, 18000, 20000 LBS E4458B 8571B KIT198, R200198 More Info
Ford LNT 9000 Model 76-98 Meritor Shaft 10000, 11000, 12000 LBS E4459B 8572B R200051 More Info
Superbrigadier Ford LNT 9000 Model 70-88 Freightliner Shaft FH, FL 901, 16000,18000 LBS E4454B 8518B KIT170, R200168, R200170, R200189 More Info
Kenworth D300, IHC, Freightliner Brigadier Model 80-88 Meritor, Shaft 12000 LBS FF931-941 E4468B KIT195, R200195 More Info
Volvo and Freightliner Trucks E11808C 8635C, 8635C KIT1419, R201419 More Info
Chevrolet Lightweight Model 75-2011, Shaft 120-D, 9000, 12000 LBS E4469B 8613B, 8603B R200066 More Info
F 9000, Kenworth, Brigadier, Care Zapato Model 90-2011, 1 E6868B 8611B KIT1310, R201310 More Info
International Trailers Model 90-2011, 10/12000 LBS I-100sg, I-120sg 120S/120SG Spicer E9941B 8655B R201426 More Info
International Trailers 9400 Eagle/ 14000 LBS/I-S140/I-S140SA Spicer, I-100W, I-120S/SG, I-140SA E9942B 8657B R201427 More Info

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