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Sap # Application Euclid # Moog
Dodge 600/700 Model 74-2011 Model 81, Shaft 7000 LBS Meritor E4455N 8562B R200047 More Info
Mitsubishi Canter/FE 639 Ball & Hub 4.85 X 2.8 High Roller More Info
Ford 100-150-250 Model 65-79 E9313B 8524B R200030, R200040 More Info
Ford Convencional, F250 Model 67-79/F350 Model 67-78, Shaft 3800 LBS E9314B 8555B R200039, R200038 More Info
Kia E 2700, Mazda E 3000 More Info
Mazda T45 More Info
IHC Bus Model 80-88 E4460B 8577B R200052 More Info
Daihatsu Delta More Info
Chev. P400/63000 Model 79-91 Shaft F, 050-055, 5000, 5500 LBS Mitsubishi Canter E4453B, E6454B, E6454C, 8570B R200045, R200046, R200046, R201600, R201602 More Info
IHC Model 71-2011 Shaft FA 329 E4462B 8581B R200055, R200075 More Info
Ford F-100/150/250 73/90 Model 80-86, Shaft 4700 LBS E6450B 8589B R200062 More Info
Autocar 74-80 White Truck 84-85 E4471B 8605B R200068 More Info
Freightliner FLP Y FLD KW T600/T800/W90, Model 90-2011, Shaft 12000, 13000 LBS Eaton, FA 12/F4 EFA 13-F5 Kenworth, Large Bearings E4696B 8647B R200269, R201509 More Info
Freightliner 8631B R200270 More Info
Mack, International Kenworth, Eaton Axel, Peterbuilt Western E6194C, E5489C, E6199B, E6199C R200250 More Info
N/A KIT1315, R201315, R201470, R201505 More Info
Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, White Truck with axles Eaton, E1000i/E1200i/E1320i, Navistar IHC with Axles Eaton E1200i/E1320i/FA340/FF961 E11394B 80076B R200281 More Info
Kenworth, 14600 LBS Teflon Bushings More Info

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