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Brake Chamber Components

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Image Sap # Description Applies to Notes
SAP24011L Clamp Assembly Kit Type 24 Bendix 800909 Type 24 More Info
SAP24424L Service Return Spring Type 24 Bendix 800919 Type 24 More Info
SAP30003L Service Return Spring Type 30 Bendix 800919 Type 30 More Info
SAP30011L Clamp Assembly Kit Type 30 Bendix 800910 Type 30 More Info
SAP30241L Release Stud Assembly Type 30 For 2424L & 3030L Type 30 More Info
SAP30242L Clevis Assembly with Pin Type 24 & 30 For 1024L, 1030L, 2424L, 3030L Type 30 More Info
SAP30501L Adapter Housing Assembly Type 30 For 3030L Type 30 More Info
SAP90012L Nut and Bolt for Clamp Assembly For All Types Type 30 More Info
SAPR24L Emergency Return Spring Type 24 Type 24 More Info
SAPR30L Emergency Return Spring Type 30 Type 30 More Info

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